Monday, November 05, 2007

completely self-serving birthday post (notmuchcoffee)
I guess I should start with a picture of a macchiato from the weekend.
It is one of the better ones (taste) I have made, but for the record, I have never had a macchiato that has topped the first one I had made by Kara at intelligentsia.

This was my birthday weekend. I have been celebrating by treating myself to self-indulgent treats. Friday I picked up a Bacon Chocolate bar made by Vosges. Tasted in small doses I really enjoy the smoky-salt-sweet-bitter combo, but it isn"t something that I would grab ten times a day like the leftover halloween candy. I think I was expecting the bacon fat to come through some more, but maybe it doesn't play well with cocoa butter.

New & Old
This past week I also got myself a couple new footbags (hacky sacks) . My 8 yr old had found one of my old ones a while back so it rekindled an interest for me. It didn't take long for my favorite one to get misplaced, so I had to check out what's new in the world of footbags. It turns out a lot has changed since I killed time between (or instead of) classes in college. Leather is not used much any more, synthetics are already pre-broken in, and sand is a popular fill. The new bags are pretty nice, but I was quite pleased when my classic old one tuned up in the flower bed. So trying to imagine I am as agile and flexible as I was half a lifetime ago? That sounds like a 37th birthday "crisis"!

First things first
Another food indulgence has been the boxes of Mallomars brought back from NY by accomodating in-laws. I am really loving those things- maybe it would be different if they were more commonly available here, but for the moment they taste even better since they are "exotic".

I had to start my Sunday with a real heath-defiant, see-if-I-make-it-to-my-next-birthday breakfast: funnel cakes!

The big birthday celebratory event was driving out to the buffalo rock shooting range. I brought a couple of buddies, met up with a couple out there, and spent the majority of the day blasting away.
at the range
I don't get the opportunity to shoot very often, and an outdoor range where rapid fire is allowed is even better. We even got the chance to break some clay pigeons with shotguns.
clay pigeon
It's a break-barrel single shot 20 gauge- not very intimidating, but each time I pop a shell in and snap it closed I always want to say, "groovy!" a la Bruce Campbell(evil dead 2)
So all in all, I really had a good weekend.