Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roadtrip Lifesavers

Roadtrip Lifesavers
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I went without espresso for 10 days on a recent roadtrip (chicago-mammoth cave-smoky mountains-isle of palms).
Thankfully, I was able to route through Greenville SC on the way back to break my espresso-less streak at Coffee & Crema. I had a very good double shot of CCC's 5 countries blend (guest espresso) and a macchiato. I will definitely return to try and fill up my punch card if I am in the area again, I would love to try the SO Yirg that is the normal espresso there. It was a bit eerie when Shannon knew my name from reading posts on coffeed.

My mornings on the roadtrip were brightened by the chemex I packed along with a grinder and a pound each of Intelligentsia Yirgacheffe and Solstice Blend.

Our afternoon coffee break was typically Starbucks- a lifesaver when travelling, when you want some brewed coffee that is not dreadfully underdosed. The GPS unit and smartphone helped us locate *$ when they weren't visible from the highway.