Monday, November 27, 2006


I am a fan of dark chocolate. My wife and I like to keep some of the Valrhona bars from Trader Joes, and I have tried a bunch of different brands. Maybe the most high-falootin' stuff I have had has been from Vosges- really excellent.

I have typically been disappointed when the major candy brands come out with a 'dark' version of a classic candy bar, either the chocolate isn't really that good, or it doesn't fit well with the other components of the bar, or something intangible.

The dark version of Nestle's hundred thousand dollar bar (the name I still think of when I see "100 Grand") is a big exception! I think it is a better harmonious balance with the caramel and crispies.

Egad- I have found another way to gain weight over the holidays.


rasqual said...

Nestle has a dark chocolate 100K bar?!

I'm a dark chocolate lover too -- big time.

- rasqual

mikep said...

Yes, I've only seen them as "fun size" which means I can rationalize it takes about 3 to equal one REAL bar ;)