Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday Delight from Paradise Coffee Roasters

Thanks to an excellent contest on Home-Barista.com I am the proud owner of a bag of Espresso Classico and a Paradise demitasse.
The coffee description states it is a "Northern Italian style" espresso, and the label has a picture of Venice. I have only pulled a couple of shots so far, but I will say it is better than 95% of the coffee I had in Venice. Of course, this was freshly roasted and ground per shot, something that those 95% of shops did not do. It really reminds me of the coffee I had at the Caffe del Doge, Rialto that I blogged about in July. I am looking forward to really exploring this coffee as I work through the bag.


Steve said...

Excellent! Are you going to try it as a macchiato or a cappuccino?

mikep said...

I made some really nice cappuccinos with it, and I tried a couple "macchiatos" (it was about 2 oz espresso + 1.5oz steamed milk- maybe too milky to be a 'true' mac, but tasty!)

The real judge was my wife liked it in her capps (she's very particular when it comes to trying different blends)