Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hits the spot!
So I go to Intelligentsia, and order 4 shots of espresso in a 20oz cup of ice, and proceed to make a fantastic cheapskate latte….
No! Not really.
I had seen the "Horchata" beverage on the card at the register for a while (Goodrich Gevaart's sigbev). I really like the idea of barista comp signature beverages making it onto the menu, so I want to be supportive of the idea. Trouble is, the beauty of a straight up espresso made by a pro in a quality shop had always trumped my best intentions.
Today was different- it was just so hot out, I had to try this iced drink. (I was indeed a cheapskate in that I cashed in one of my punchcards for the drink, but I did try to tip well). It was really great- refreshing and sweet, without being too cloying or heavy. It is by nature a larger drink than Amber or Matt's, so I have to say I wasn't tasting the coffee as much as I was expecting, but I still highly recommend trying it while it is available.

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