Friday, April 11, 2008

What's your happy tune?

Yesterday was really rainy and crappy (clogged gutters driving water into my house was not pleasant), and the forecast of a cold wet weekend had put me in a bit of a down mood. At lunchtime today, the clouds parted and it was sunny and warmish for my walk to Intelligentsia. I picked up a pound of the Finca Matalapa El Salvador and an espresso (HA! it's still sort of a coffee blog). Mood much brightened, I realized as I walked back to my office I was whistling a happy tune. To my embarrasment, my happy tune is the theme from the A-Team! Whenever I find myself humming or whistling absentmindedly that is the song. I never think about the actual show (no on purpose, anyway). Does this happen to anyone else?

I suppose it could be worse, it could have been the theme from Megaforce.


Steve said...

Today's brief sunny morning sure brightened my mood as well. No espresso, and no tunes. Just get to see the blue sky is good enough..

michael said...

Sometimes while walking I too find myself whistling the A-team theme song mike. Only I really get into it and imagine jumping into that speeding black van with Mr. T at the wheel and face holding me in by one arm as an oil refinery blows up behind me... at this point I usually walk into a telephone pole or fire hydrant, rudely waking me from my day dream. It is certainly a catchy tune all the same.

Phil Proteau said...

When walking many city blocks, I often find myself reciting the alphabet backwards, one letter to each step. This habit started in 1993 when I thought it might be a useful skill if I was ever asked to say the alphabet backwards by a police officer. I could repeat it quickly and without effort.

mikep said...

michael- your fantasy reveals that you identify with either Hannibal or howlin' mad Murdock.hmmm.. telling
I definitely identified with Murdock.

phil, I couldn't do the alphabet backwards without singing the song in my head about 25 times. I would probably fall into the trap and say "officer, I couldn't do that even if I weren't drunk right now!

mikep said...

steve- today (Sun) I am just chanting, "spring will be here soon, spring will be here soon"