Friday, June 01, 2007

Tacos and Coffee
Lunch today consisted of the Extreme Beef and Cheese Quesadilla combo from Taco Bell. Very cheesey. A lot of food for $3.63. What do you chase such a repast with? A cup of coffee that costs twice as much as the meal, of course!
I wanted to try this exclusive and highly regarded coffee, but wasn't about to drop over $30 for a half-pound. I mean, I am not confident in my brewing skills to believe I would be coaxing the nuances out of the coffee. That's why I am so glad the Monadnock Intelly now has a Clover! I ordered the 12 oz ($7+tax). This Clover is much more visible than the Millennium Park one, so it was cool to watch my coffee brewing (and what is it that makes the squeegee at the end look so satisfying?).
My first few sips- very clean, sweet… "what is so special about this again?" Wait a minute, a few more sips- it really started to show off different flavors. I could definitely see why people use descriptors like 'silky' or 'creamy'. The subtle fruit and creamy texture made me think of a dreamsicle- maybe not what they actually taste like, more like what they should taste like. By the end of the cup I was really glad I had gotten a chance to try this classy and refined coffee.


Steve said...

Planning on trying Esmeralda?

mikep said...

Not planning on it this year, but who knows?