Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two recent aquisitions

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I recently got a new tamper- The Home-Barista compressore from It is a slightly concave piston, and I am really liking the feel of the tamper as a whole and the fit in my baskets. I got the tamper when espressoparts had them on sale in honor of Home-Barista's anniversary.

I also recently got a bag of Counter Culture Coffee's Toscano espresso blend. When I got my grind and dose dialed in it was sweet, had some brightness (acidity) and maybe slightly less body than my usual Black Cat. On the best shots I pulled I also got a nuttiness I have not really experienced before. I got the espresso when Counter Culture had a labor day sale .

(sorry about the bad pic, I have been lazy and just using my phone for pictures lately)

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Steve said...

Nice looking tamper...I like Toscano...It is an awesome blend!